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Microsoft Office 365 - Setting Up a Non Office 365 Email

This guide will take you through the set up of your non Microsoft Office 365 email facility on to your Microsoft Office 365 Outlook.

If your mail box is hosted on Microsoft Office 365 then the process is very straight forward. All you need to do is press the "Connect" button and follow the prompts.

If on the other hand your mail box is hosted elsewhere say on another exchange facility or indeed another type of hosting facility all together then you will need to follow these steps.

When you first open Outlook you will be presented with the following window. Press the "Connect to a different account" link at the bottom right of the window.


Press Next 


Select Yes and press Next 


Enter in your name, email address and your email password. Remember these are your email credentials and are not your Microsoft Office 365 credentials.

Press Next when ready 


You may get a window popping up asking if you want to "Allow this website to configure...". Tick the "Don't ask me about this website again" box and press the "Allow" button. 



Once again enter in your Email mailbox credentials, tick the "Remember my credentials" box and press the OK button



If all goes well you will see a screen similar to the one below with three tick boxes. If the window above keeps opening up then your credentials are most likely incorrect. Remember these are your Email mailbox credentials not your Microsoft Office 365 credentials.

If you get your three tick boxes then tick the "Change account settings" box and press Next


Tick the "Use Cached Exchange Mode" button and move the slider to keep "6 months" of mail offline. Note: If you plan to use Outlook disconnected from the internet say on a laptop on a plane then you may want to synchronize more of your email. 

Press "Finish" when ready


Outlook will now spend a few minutes setting up your file getting it ready to download your existing email


Once ready Outlook will open and your existing email, contacts, Calendar, etc.. will begin to synchronize.

You can use Outlook to read and send email as the synchronization is carried out.

The actual synchronization process may take many hours depending on how much email you have and how much you have opted to synchronize.


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