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Windows 2012R2 - Remote Desktop Gateway Access via Android RD Client

This article will show you how to connect to a Windows Server 2012r2 Remote Desktop facility where a gateway server / broker server has been deployed. Typically a facility like this would have multiple Remote Desktop servers with users connecting to the gateway server which in turn allocates them to a server.


Here we are going to connect using the Microsoft Remote App on an Android device Tablet. 


Start by going to the Google Play Store and downloading the Microsoft Remote Desktop App.


Once it is installed you should have an icon similar to the image below.


Open the RD Client application and from the left menu select "User Accounts"


Click on the Plus icon on the top left of the screen and add the user account credentials your administrator gave you. This will be in the format of Domain\username.


Press save when ready


Now that you have created your user, go back to the front screen. To do that just tap on the backwards arrow on the bottom of the tablet (below the screen when the tablet is in portrait mode).


Now that you are on the front page again, click on the plus on the top right and now select "Add Remote Resource Feed"


Once again enter in the Feed URL given to you by your IT administrator. This is usually the same address as the web address you connect to from a browser to access your resources. This could be an IP address, a URL similar to the one below e.g. or it could be something like


Enter it in and then select the username we set up earlier and press Save


If all goes well your "Work Resources" will appear at the bottom of the RD Client App as in the image below. These could be in the format of full desktops or individual applications.


Click on the work resource you want to open and the system will connect to the server



and your desktop or application will open




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