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Jiwa Special Pricing - Debtor Specific Pricing

In this article we will be looking at how to create and maintain Debtor Specific pricing elements in Jiwa.

This article has been prepared using Jiwa v7.0.115, if you are running an earlier version of Jiwa 7 some functionality may not be available.

Before proceeding please ensure that you have reviewed our article Jiwa Special Pricing - Price Schemes.



The Debtor Specific matrix is one of three (3) matrices that are inventory item specific.

Debtor Specific pricing elements are typically set up in instances where a discount or substitute price has been negotiated with a customer, for a specific product or a small number of related/unrelated products.

If your discount, special or promotional price is applicable to a similar group of customers you may also consider other price matrix options like;

  • Classifications,
  • Groups,
  • Inventory Debtor Classification, 
  • Inventory Debtor Price Groups, or
  • Selling Prices

In this article we will be looking at two (2) different methods of setting up and maintaining Debtor Specific Prices;

  • Inventory Maintenance form, and
  • Sell Prices form


Debtor specific prices can also be updated in bulk using the Debtor Class Batch and Debtor Class Entry form, these options are covered in separate articles.


Inventory Maintenance Form

From the Inventory menu select Inventory Maintenance


Load the inventory item that the discount is applicable for into the form.

Move to the Prices | Debtor Specific tab


Select the Debtor that the discount is applicable to by clicking on the lookup icon next to the Debtor field to bring up the Debtors search window.

Enter in the pricing details.

Field Description

Select the Debtor account that the pricing element is applicable to.

When entering price elements in this form the Debtor field cannot be left blank.

Use Qty Break Tick this option if the discounted price is based on a quantity break
Quantity Break This field is enabled when the Use Qty Break field is ticked.  Enter in the quantity break that is applicable.  If tiered quantity breaks have been agreed to create a new line for each quantity break applicable

Which price is to be used when calculating the new Debtor Specific Price.

This field is only applicable when applying a percentage or actual amount discount.  The options available include Sell Price, Last Cost, RRP and Sell Prices 1 - 10 (P1-P10)


The mode determines how the Debtor Specific Price is calculated, the available options are;

  1. Percentage - percentage discount or increase applied to the source price selected
  2. Actual - a fixed dollar value that is added to or deducted from the source price selected
  3. None - a fixed amount, this option is used for substitute pricing

The value entered into this field is used to calculate the NewPrice.

When entering in a percentage or actual discount amount the value entered into this field must be entered in as a negative value.  For example 10% discount or $25 discount is entered as -10.0, -25.0 respectively.

When basing your Debtor Specific Price on the Last Cost + margin then the value entered into this field must be entered in as a positive value.  For example 25% or $50 dollar increase is entered as 25.0, 50.0 respectively.

When using the mode None the value entered into this field is the new price


This field displays the calculated new Debtor Specific price that will be applicable to this item.  The field is a read only field and is calculated based on the options selected in the preceding fields .

Start Date

This is the date that the specific price is to apply from.  The field automatically defaults to the current login date however can be overridden if required.

End Date

This is the date that the specific price is to end.  The field automatically defaults to the 20 years from the login date however can be overridden if required.


Comment relating to price element.


The following example demonstrates the different ways in which Debtor specific prices can be set up. 



Sell Prices Form

The Sell Prices form was introduced in Jiwa version 7.0.115, this form provides a central location were all pricing elements can be viewed and updated from.  New pricing elements can also be created in this form.

To access the form from the Inventory module select Configuration | Sell Prices


Move to the Inventory | Debtor Specific tab


Debtor specific price elements can be created, updated or deleted from this form.

To add a new price element in this matrix move to the last blank line and start entering the details.

To delete a price simply click on the rubbish bin icon next to the price


To update a price simply change the required fields.  Fields that are not greyed out are editable.


When the Debtor field is left blank in this form it implies that the price is applicable to all Debtors.


To save any changes made in this form and update the inventory ledger click on Save from the menu ribbon.


The contents of the grid can be copied to Excel by selecting the Select All option


Pressing Ctrl + C on your keyboard then pasting into Excel.

Alternatively a report is available from the menu ribbon select Print | Inventory Specific, Debtor Specific


This report is also available from Inventory | Reports |  Sell Prices - Inventory Specific, Debtor Specific


This video is best seen on the full screen. Just click on the icon at the bottom right of the video (see image below).

To exit full screen just press escape 



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