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Jiwa Debtors - Maintenance

In this article we will be looking at how to create a new Debtor/Customer account in Jiwa.


From the Debtors menu select Maintenance


From the menu ribbon select New to create a new Debtor (Customer) account.



Header Information

The header displays general information about your Debtor account.  The key fields to be completed are;

  • Name
  • Phone / Fax No.
  • Email
  • Classification, and
  • Trading Status

The Account No. field can be populated however if left blank Jiwa will automatically assign the next available account number when you save the record.


Field Definitions

Field Description
Account No. User entered or system generated
Name Name that will appear on quotes, sales orders, invoices and statements
Phone / Fax No. Primary phone and fax number
Email Primary email address this is the default email address that is used to email invoices and statements.  Multiple email addresses can be entered into this field by using a semi colon (;) between each address
BO Priority Back order priority given to the Debtor
Alternate Account No. Manually entered alternate account number
BPay Reference This is automatically generated using a BPay algorithm
Tax Exempt No. This field should only be populated if your Debtor is exempt from GST.  When the Invoicing system setting UseTaxExemption is enabled any data in this field will set the GST rate to zero for quotes and sales orders. 
Classification Select the classification the Debtor is to be linked to.  Debtor classifications control the default General Ledger control accounts and trading terms that will be set against the Debtor record.
Trading Status Select if the Debtor account is Active or Inactive.  Inactive accounts do not appear on search screens nor can you create transactions against the accounts. 



Main Tab

The Main tab not only allows you to further categorise your Debtors it also contains sub tabs for you to maintain Debtor;

  • Contacts
  • Groups
  • Branch Debtors, and
  • EDI details

The key areas to be completed on this tab are;

  • Categories (if applicable)
  • Contacts
  • Groups


Tab Description
Contact Names This tab is where the Debtors contact list is maintained.  Mail-outs can be targeted to specific Debtor contacts based on contact positions
Groups Debtor accounts can belong to multiple groups for custom reporting as well as emailing and printing of statements.  A staff member is also associated with each group.
Branch Debtors If this is a head office account you can list the branch accounts in this tab.  Only Debtor accounts with the same financial periods as the head office account can be added as a branch account.
EDI Display's EDI address and type if enabled



Financial Tab


The General sub tab is where financial information relating to the Debtor account is maintained and viewed.

The key areas to be completed on this tab are;

  • Statements
  • Discounts / Terms


Field Definitions 

Field Description
Period Type Select the applicable statement frequency.  Available options are Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly and Custom
Statement Discount Days / Percentage Settlement discount days from statement and percentage.  These fields are currently not used by Jiwa and are only references as this stage, prompt payment discounts need to be applied manually when recording the payment in CashBook Receipts.
Statement Discount on Invoices

Standing discount on invoices

Note: When using standing discounts you may not want other discounts applied to customers that have a standing discount in which case the Invoicing system setting Dont Apply Debtor Discounts should be enabled.  Please discuss your requirements with your Jiwa Consultants before implementing this feature.

Banking Details

Banking details are only applicable if using Direct Debits

Electronic Notification

Currently these fields are not used by Jiwa.  A custom plugin can be developed that will utilise these fields.



Ledger Accounts

The Ledger Accounts tab lists all the General Ledger control accounts applicable to the Debtor account.  these are automatically set based on the classification that the Debtor is linked to and can be overridden if required.

The configuration of your Jiwa database will dictate which control accounts are actually used by Jiwa.




The Pricing tab is where pricing information is maintained on the Debtor account.  The Price Scheme and Pricing Group is automatically set based on the classification that is linked to the Debtor account and can be overridden if required.



Address Tab

The address tab is where the Debtors primary mailing address and various delivery addresses are maintained.

The mailing address by default is used on all quotes, invoices and statements whereas the selected delivery address is used in picking slips and delivery dockets.

The key areas to complete here are;

  • Mailing Address
  • Delivery Addresses




Credit Tab

The Credit tab maintains all the credit information relating to the Debtor account.  The key fields to be completed on this tab are;

  • Terms
  • Credit Limit



Field Definitions

Field Description
Trading Name This field holds the registered Debtor trading name and is not mandatory
Company Name This field holds the registered Debtor company name and is not mandatory
Proprietors Name Business owner
Date Commenced This field is automatically populated with the login date when the record is saved, it can be manually overridden if required
ACN Australian Company Number
ABN Australian Business Number
Terms These fields are automatically populated from the classification assigned to the Debtor but can be changed if required
On Hold Account can be placed on hold automatically through the Period Roll-Over process or manually.  When an account is on hold you will not be able to save Invoice or Activate orders.  Reserve orders can be saved if the system setting AllowSaveToReserveWhenDebtorOnHold has been enabled.
Don't Age Transactions When enabled allocated transactions are not aged out during the Period Roll-Over.  When a transaction is not aged out allocations can be changed. 
Web Enabled When enabled allows Debtor to access 3rd party web applications.  Login details are held and maintained in the Main | Contact Names tab.
Credit Limit Debtors credit limit.  The Invoicing system setting Use Zero Credit Limit controls if a credit limit of zero is treated as no credit or unlimited credit, please contact your Jiwa consultant for further details.



Other Tabs on Debtor Maintenance

Transactions Tab

The transaction tab contains a full history of all transactions processed against the Debtors account.  Allocations can be made and viewed from this tab also.


Notes Tab

Debtor communication and general comments can be added to the Debtor account in the Notes tab.


To-Do Tab 

The To-Do tab display's all tasks that have been created for the selected Debtor account.  New tasks can also be created from this tab.



Customer Activities Tab

Tab Description
Back Orders Displays all back orders records that have been created from either saved or processed Active orders and processed Invoice Orders
Unprocessed Sales This tab displays all items on unprocessed sales order snapshots.  Only the current snapshot is displayed on this form
Processed Sales This tab displays all the items on processed sales orders.
Jobs This tab displays all jobs linked to the Debtor account
Quotes This tab displays all quotes that have been created for the Debtor
Debtor Systems This tab allows you to create and maintain details of equipment that has been sold to the Debtor.  These systems can be attached to Server Manager jobs so that service maintenance records can be maintained against each system.
Service Jobs This tab lists all service jobs that have been created against for the Debtor
BackOrder Fulfillments This tab not only displays all back order records but also if any of the back orders can be filled on an incoming purchase order.


Note: With the exception of Debtor Systems the data displayed in each of the sub tabs under Customer Activities can be modified, please contact your Jiwa Consultant for further details on how the grids can be modified to meet with your specific requirements.



Sales Tab

The Sales tab displays the sales and budget details for Last Year, Current Year and Next Year.



Other Tab

Tab Description
Documents This tab contains all documents and emails that have been attached to the Debtor account
Debtor Part Numbers

This tab allows you to maintain Debtor part numbers for your inventory items.

When using the select query Debtor Part Number in the Inventory Search form then only part numbers allocated to the Debtor will be displayed when in the quote and sales order entry forms.

Custom Fields This tab displays all Debtor custom fields that have been added to your database
Web Browser This tab is controlled through a plugin, when implemented the tab will display the customers webpage 
Freight This tab is used to maintain the freight carrier details for the Debtor.  Only applicable with integrations to Freight Forwarder systems. 

This video is best seen on the full screen. Just click on the icon at the bottom right of the video (see image below).

To exit full screen just press escape 



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