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Exo Purchasing - Shipment Tracking

In this article we will look at using the Shipping feature in MYOB Exo to track and receive our overseas shipments.


To use this feature Shipment Tracking must be enabled in your database.  Contact your Exo Constant if you are considering using Shipment Tracking.


Creating your Shipment

A shipment is created in Exo once you have confirmation of your shipment.

From the Purchases business flow menu select Receipt Inwards Goods

Select New Shipment from the menu to create a new Shipment document.

In the Shipment header information add your shipment details

Select Save from the menu, this will take you to the Inwards Goods Receipt screen where you can add your purchase orders to the shipment.

In the Receipt Details > Supplier field enter in the supplier that will be included in this shipment.

Then select the Refresh icon to see all the suppliers outstanding purchase orders.

This will populate the Purchase Orders grid with all available purchase orders for the selected supplier.

Select the required purchase by double clicking on it or click on the Receive Selected icon to select all purchase orders.

As you select each purchase order the IWG Receipts Lines grid will be populated. 

Confirm the quantity that will be in the shipment by either manually updating the Rec Qty field against each item or alternatively, if all stock is being received against the order you can click on the Receipt all icon.

The Fulfilled column on each line indicates if the line on the purchase order is complete 'Y' or incomplete 'N'.

This field can be manually set if required for example in cases where you are only going to be receiving part of the order for the selected item and you do not accept back orders, the line can be set to Y'' indicating that even though you will not be receiving the full shipment the line is completed. 

Select Save & Exit when you have completed the orders for the selected supplier.

Select Ok at the Inwards Goods Process Options

To add other supplier purchase orders to your shipment from the Inwards Goods Receipt search screen select your required shipment.

From the menu select New Receipt

Add you supplier and then select the required purchase orders.

And repeat the process of selecting your supplier and adding the supplier purchase orders to the shipment.


Updating the Status of your Shipment

Depending on your business process the shipment status and details can be changed.

Shipment status can be modified to meet your specific requirements please discuss these with your consultant.


Costing your Shipment

The shipment costing process follows the standard Exo costing process with the exception that you are now costing the shipment that contains purchase orders for multiple suppliers and not individual IWG Receipts.


From the Purchases business flow menu select Cost Inwards Goods

Search for your shipment

Double click on your shipment to activate the Inwards Goods Costing screen.

Add your on costs to the shipment and confirm you exchange rate to be applied.

Select Process Costings > Calculate Only to confirm your landed costs before updating your stock ledger.

Once you are satisfied that the landed cost is correct process your costings and record you supplier and freight forwarder invoices. 

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