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Jiwa Sales Orders - Batch Processing Orders

This article is part of a series that looks at the sales order process in Jiwa.

In this article we will be looking specifically at how to batch process sales orders.

Before proceeding please ensure that you have read our articles;

  1. Jiwa Sales Orders - Creating Orders
  2. Jiwa Sales Orders - Single Order Processing


The Batch Sales Order Processing function is used to batch;

  1. Process sales order where stock is available for delivery
  2. Process credit notes
  3. Process payments received with sales orders


To begin select Sales > Processing > Process Orders from the menu 

Before beginning lets have a look at our form and the available options.


Process Options



Back to Back Type

Select from order types Non Back to Back, Back to Back or Multi Back to Back

Back Order Mode

Select from back order modes All, Automatic or Manual

Billing Type

Select from billing types All, Ship & Bill, Bill Complete or Ship Complete

Invoice Type

Select from invoice types All, Tax Inclusive or Tax Exclusive 

Specific Warehouse

Process for all warehouses or tick Specific Warehouse to select required warehouse

Print Process Report

When ticked allows you to select the report to printed

Sales Order Printing

Select to print all sales order reports or Invoice type reports only.

Documents that will be printed are as specified on the Sales Order Form in Printer Setup

Process Payments Only

When checked only payments on sales orders are processed.

When un-checked processes the sales orders and credit notes displayed in the processing grid and any payments that are linked to the sales orders listed.



Batch Processing Orders

Set your required process options.

In the following example documents will not be printed because we will use the Batch Printing / Emailing function to email out our invoices.

Set your required ranges.


Press Append to Candidates when you have set your ranges to populate the processing grid.

Review the orders to be processed, un-check or delete from the grid orders that you do not want processed.

Press Process when you are ready to process your orders

When the process has completed the order will be removed from the grid and  


If an order cannot be processed a message will be displayed in the remark for as per the example below.


This video is best seen on the full screen. Just click on the icon at the bottom right of the video (see image below).

To exit full screen just press escape 



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