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Jiwa PO's - Supplier Return Shipping

In this article we will be looking at the Supplier Returns feature in Jiwa specifically the Supplier Return Shipping function.


Before proceeding please ensure you have reviewed the article Jiwa-PO's - Supplier Return Codes


If you are raising Supplier Return Requests this article is the next step in the returns process.

If you do not raise Supplier Return Requests this article will take you through the process of creating Supplier Return Shipping documents without a request. 

This is an optional step in the supplier return process if this is not part of your own business process you can go to the next step Jiwa PO's - Supplier Return Credit 


Supplier Return Request

(Optional step)

This step is the first in creating a request for the return, replacement or pricing credit with your supplier.  There is no impact on the Stock ledger at this stage hence no journal entries are created.

Supplier Return Shipping

(Optional step)

This is the next step in the process and related to goods being returned or exchanged this step transfers the stock to the In Transit location where it will sit until the supplier credit note is received and processed.  The stock ledger is updated to reflect the transfer to the In Transit location and journal entries created for the movement.

Supplier Return Credit


This is the final step in the process and the only mandatory step as it is the process in Jiwa for raising credit notes with suppliers for local and imported stock.


If you intend to use Supplier Return Shipping an In Transit location must be created in each physical warehouse.



Supplier Return Shipping - No Request

Here we will be looking at creating a Supplier Return Shipping document without having a return request in Jiwa. 

Select Purchasing > Supplier Returns > Supplier Return Shipping from the menu  


From the menu ribbon select New


From the Creditors search form selection the supplier you wish to return stock to

Select the Return Code that is applicable to the stock that is being returned, click on the lookup icon next to the ReturnCode field for a listing of available return types.

If you have a return authorisation number enter this in the R.A. Number field.

An additional reference can be added in the Reference field.

Start entering your parts to be returned in the Details tab grid

In the Quantity To Ship field enter in the number of units to be returned, this will activate the cost batch selection form

Select the batch the that stock is to be taken from by double clicking on the batch, this will activate the quantity dialog box.

Enter in the quantity to be returned from the selected batch and select OK

This will add the item to the selection area of your dialog box.

Repeat the above process for the item selected until you have the required return quantity.

Select Use Inventory to return to the Details tab grid.

Confirm the return value amend the Unit Return Value if required

Repeat this process for each item to be returned

The total return value is displayed at the bottom of your form.

Select Save and Activate when you have completed your shipping document.

Once you have activated your document the stock will be transferred to the In-Transit location and no further edits can be made to the document. 

Select Print > Supplier Return Shipment if you require a printed copy of the return shipment.




Supplier Return Shipping - Using Return Request

Here we will be looking at creating a Supplier Return Shipping document based on a Supplier Return Request. 

Create your new Supplier Return Shipping document and complete the General information section.

Bring in your request by clicking on the lookup icon next to the Request No field to activate the Supplier Return Requests search form.

Select the return required and from the menu ribbon click on Select and Close to load the request into your details grid

Add additional requests to the shipping document if required.

You will notice that the Requests grid will be populated with the requests that have been added to this shipping document.


Amend the Quantity to Ship and Unit Return Value as required.

Save and Activate your document when complete.



This video is best seen on the full screen. Just click on the icon at the bottom right of the video (see image below).

To exit full screen just press escape 



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