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Jiwa PO's - Raising a Manual Purchase Order

In this article we will be looking at how to raise a manual purchase order in Jiwa.

Select Purchasing > Order Entry

Before creating your new purchase order make sure you are working with the correct warehouse as you will not be able to change the warehouse on the purchase order itself.

From the menu ribbon select New > Supplier Purchase Order

The Creditors search screen will appear

Select your creditor


Purchase Order Header

The purchase order header information provides you with key information about the order.

Order No. The order number is automatically applied to the order when the purchase order is first saved
Reference  Additional reference field if required 
Workflow  Automatically populated from the Creditor master file however can be manually overridden if required.  For further details on the available options please discuss your requirements with your Jiwa Consultant.
Received On  This section is automatically populated with the GRN or Book-In references when stock is received into Jiwa 
Order Date  Automatically populated however can be changed if required
Last Modified  Date the purchase order was last changed, this field is automatically populated and cannot be edited
Attention This field can be manually populated or you can select from the available contacts against the creditor
Contact By The creditors email address is automatically populated into this field but can be overridden if required


Purchase Order Tabs

Order Inventory and non-inventory items are added to the purchase order on the Order Tab
Notes Notes specific to the purchase order are added on this tab
ToDo's Action items specific to the purchase order are added on this tab
Custom Fields Additional information captured in custom fields are maintained on this tab

Documents and emails specific to the purchase order can be added to this grid by either attaching the document or using the Windows drag and drop function to add documents to this tab.  These documents are stored in the Jiwa database.

Documents can be extracted, opened or emailed from this tab.

Shipping Address

The shipping details are automatically populated into this tab from the warehouse that the purchase order is being raised against but can be manually overridden if required.

This is also the Deliver To address that appears on your purchase orders report.


Order Tab

Enter in the parts to be ordered in the Order tab by either keying in the part number in the Part No field or selecting the lookup icon next to the field to bring up your Inventory Search form.

If the item you have selected is already on another purchase order the following pop-up will appear.

If the item has not been ordered from the selected supplier before the following pop-up message will appear.

To continue select Yes

As this is a new supplier the selected part is being ordered from Jiwa will ask if you want to make this new supplier the Default supplier.

Selecting Yes will update the inventory item and set the new supplier as the default supplier when the purchase order is saved

Selecting No leaves the default supplier unchanged on the inventory record

The Replenish to Minimum pop-up will appear for each item selected.

This allows you to let Jiwa determine your order quantities based on the parameters you have selected.

If you do not want Jiwa to calculate a re-order quantity based on these settings simply select Cancel.

If you select OK the order quantities can still be change manually if required.

Set your order quantities and confirm the purchase price.


Order Totals

The total order value, cubic and weight measurements if applicable are displayed in the totals grid on the Orders tab.


Finalising your Purchase Order

Once you have completed your order press Save from the menu ribbon, at this point the order number will be applied.


At this stage the status of the purchase order is Not Sent when your order is finalised and ready to be sent to the supplier change the status of the purchase order to Sent

From the menu ribbon select Set Status To > Sent

The status of the purchase order will be changed to Sent

Even though the status of the purchase order is now Sent the order can still be changed/modified until such time as stock is received against the order


To print your order from the menu ribbon select the Printer icon and then the purchase order report you want to use


To email your order from the menu ribbon select Email

This will activate the Email Options window were email addresses and messages can be changed before the email is sent.



This video is best seen on the full screen. Just click on the icon at the bottom right of the video (see image below).

To exit full screen just press escape 



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