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Jiwa Inventory - Price Updates: Debtor Class Batch

In this article we will be looking at how to use the Debtor / Debtor Class Batch feature in Jiwa to update your Debtor Specific and Debtor Classification prices.

This feature can also be used to update and delete existing prices.

Before using this feature it is highly recommended that you test the updates in your TEST database before running the updates on your live data.

In the following example we will look at how to apply in bulk a price discount to a range of products for a specific Debtor Classification.


Select Inventory > Utilities > Price Updates > Debtor / Debtor Class Batch

Select the range of products that the update is to be applied to by either;

  • Product classification
  • Product category, or
  • Supplier

In this example the update is only applicable to the clothing product type;

In the Update Configuration section set your Update Mode

Update and Insert Update any existing prices and insert new prices
Insert Only Insert prices only
Update Only Update existing prices only
Delete Only Delete existing prices only


Set your Update Type

Debtor Update a specific Debtor account
Debtor Classification Update a specific Debtor Classification
All Debtors Update for all Debtor accounts - will update Debtor Specific Prices tab on Inventory Maintenance
All Classifications Update for all Debtor Classifications - will update Debtor Class Specific Prices tab on Inventory Maintenance


Set your Update Target the options available to you will be dependant upon the update type you have selected.

In the Pricing Details section set your new price details.

In the example below a discount of 10% for the month of August is to be applied to all clothing products

Complete a final check of your settings then from the menu ribbon press Process

The Status bar will display the number of updated records once the process has finished 



As you can see our stock item has now been updated with the Debtor Class Specific Price

The new discounted price is applied to all customers in the Cash Account Only debtor classification.


This video is best seen on the full screen. Just click on the icon at the bottom right of the video (see image below).

To exit full screen just press escape 



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