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Jiwa Inventory - Warehouse Transfers (via In-Transit)


There are 3 key ways in which warehouse transfers can be completed in Jiwa;

  1. Immediate Transfers - Stock is transferred immediately to the receiving warehouse
  2. Stock placed In-Transit - Stock is transferred from one warehouse to another via an In-Transit location
  3. Warehouse PO - A warehouse purchase order is raised by the requesting warehouse

In this article we will be looking at how to process a warehouse transfer that take stock in and out of the In-Transit location.


Warehouse Transfers Outwards

We start the transfer process with a Warehouse Transfers Outwards transaction.

Ensure that you are working with the correct physical warehouse.  The logical from location can be changed on a Warehouse Transfer however the physical location cannot.

Select Inventory > Warehouse Transfers Outwards

From the menu ribbon select New

Ensure that the Use in Transit check box is ticked.  Usually this is ticked by default.

Confirm your logical From Warehouse location

Set your To Warehouse location

Confirm your In Transit location

Quantity Ordered Enter in the quantity required by the receiving warehouse
Quantity Trans Confirm / enter in the quantity being sent.  Stock is put on back order for quantities that cannot be supplied

Freight and/or Insurance can be added to the transfer by entering the amounts in the freight / insurance fields.

Change the Added Cost Method to Cost Based this will apportion the cost of freight/insurance across the items in the transfer based on the cost price.

Save your transfer

Activate your transfer - this will move your stock out of the sending location and into the In-Transit location and change the status of your transfer to In-Transit


Warehouse Transfers Inwards

Once stock has been received by the receiving or to warehouse it can be received in.

Ensure that you are connected to the receiving warehouse

Select Inventory > Warehouse Transfers Inwards

From the menu ribbon select New this will activate the Warehouse Transfers search screen with a listing of all activate warehouse transfers for the current location.

Select the transfer that has been received, this will automatically populate the Transfer In form.

Enter in the quantity received in the Quantity Received field.

If all stock has been received then the Receive All Outstanding icon can be used to automatically update the quantity received field

Select Save to save the transfer In

If stock was damaged during transit that needs to be written off tick the check box Close Transfer this will close the transfer when activated and write off the unreceived stock to the stock write off account.

Select Activate to receive the stock into the warehouse.

This will also change the status of the Transfer In to activated

The Warehouse Transfer in will also be recorded against the original Warehouse Transfer Out and close the transfer out if all stock has been received in.


This video is best seen on the full screen. Just click on the icon at the bottom right of the video (see image below).

To exit full screen just press escape 



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