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Jiwa Customisation Facilities

Jiwa has an extensive built in ability to be customised. It utilises the Microsoft Dot Net Environment to allow you to modify the behavior and functions of Jiwa via code plug-ins.

Naturally this plug-in facility is not designed to be a feature that end users would use but in the hands of a skilled Business Partner they can be extremely powerful.


You can for instance modify what happens when one of your staff members creates an invoice. Maybe you want to prompt them to add freight if they forget or better still configure the system to automatically apply freight based on a series of business rules.


With appropriate permissions Jiwa's plug-In facility is accessible directly from within the "System Menu"




You get an extensive ability to add functionality via the skills of your consultant




In addition the Jiwa database is held within Microsoft SQL Server. As you can see in the example below (the image is from Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio), getting at the data out of Jiwa is relatively simple. The query returns a list of your debtors.



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