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Jiwa Service Manager - Overview

Jiwa Service Manager 


JIWA Service Manager provides installation and equipment servicing companies with comprehensive tools to efficiently manage, track, quote, cost and invoice these vital aspect of their operations, as well as provide exceptional customer service.

It also provides a powerful combination of: call logging; generation of work orders; reoccurring tasks; flexible time and billing options; billing for materials as well as time; detailed service reports; job and task management; staff and job profitability reporting; and tracking of any type of service related problem.


  • Manages jobs with many tasks which require the involvement of multiple technicians

  • Allows jobs to be generated directly from quotations

  • Automates administrative functions such as ordering and invoicing of required parts

  • Manages regular maintenance contracts and creates reoccurring jobs

  • Enables account managers to provide greater customer service as they have access to detailed information about work performed for their accounts as well as details of jobs pending

  • Allows emails to be automatically sent to internal staff and customer contacts informing of when jobs have been logged, their progress and when they have been completed

  • Allows organisations to use a system of prepaid time and have technicians' time automatically reduce prepaid time balances








 This is the main screen for the Jiwa Service Manager. Through this screen you are able to search for specific jobs or scroll through all your jobs.


A Job is split into individual tasks. Each task is assigned to an employee but multiple people can work on the one task if required.


Down the bottom of the screen you will notice that each task is defined via a wealth of information split into logical tabs



 If you select the "Parts" tab for that task you will see the parts that were required / used to perform that task. You can also see if they have been invoiced to the client



 Labour can also be tracked if required. You can see for each task how much time has been spent and who spent it. This time can also be invoiced, details of which can also be seen on this screen.


There are a number of useful reports within the Jiwa Service manager. This is a report showing the profitability of each staff member. 

All reports in Jiwa are written using the industry standard Crystal Reports which means that they can all be modified should the need arise.






Here is another report showing the invoices billed to a client.




With it's Clean layout and easy to use function based menus, Jiwa Service Manager makes it very easy to manage all your service Jobs as you can see from the menu a the top of each screen.


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