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Jiwa PO's - Purchasing Supplier Kits for Disassembly

This article will look at how the supplier kit disassemble function works in Jiwa7.


Setting up the Supplier Kit Item

When setting up the supplier kit item that is purchased you need to ensure that the item is flagged as a purchased kit.  This is important as this is how Jiwa recognises that the part needs to be disassembled during the GRN process.


Ensure that the part is set-up as a Physical Item



Click on the Custom tab and ensure that the custom field Purchased Kit Item is ticked



Setting Up Bill of Materials

A bill of material needs to be set-up in Jiwa in order for the supplier kit to be disassembled.

When setting up the Bill of Material ensure

  1. The bill number is the supplier part number
  2. The INPUTS are the component parts that make up the supplier kit you want to disassemble
  3. When setting up the inputs ensure you set the quantity of the components that will be brought in when a single kit is disassembled
  4. The OUTPUT is the supplier kit item




Purchasing Supplier Kits

Create your purchase order for the supplier kit/(s) as you would any other part.  Save and Send your order



When stock is received create a GRN (Goods Receipt Note) to bring this stock into Jiwa.

From the purchase order click on the Create GRN button




 This will open up the Goods Received Note form.

Enter in the quantity received against the purchase order, or click on Receive All Outstanding if the order is being received in full.



 Save and Activate your purchase order, as you will not this will activate the Disassemble Kits button



Once the order is activated to disassemble your kits click on the Disassemble Kits button.

Select Yes at the prompt to disassemble



Once your items have been disassembled the following prompt will appear.



What's Happened with the Items

Supplier Kit Item

The stock on hand for the supplier kit is now zero



In the Order > Transaction History tab, you can see the disassembly



The Works Order

The cost of the kit is apportioned against each component line on a pro-rata basis using the components last cost.



The Components

The stock on hand has increased on the component parts.





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