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Jiwa PO's - Non-Inventory Lines in Purchase Orders

In this article we will be looking at how to add non-inventory items to your purchase orders.

Purchase orders are not only used to purchase inventory they can also be used to purchase fixed assets or simply to purchase stationery.


Purchase Classifications

Before you can create purchase orders for non-inventory items you need to ensure that you have the required purchase classifications set-up in Jiwa.

Purchase classifications control the General Ledger posting side of non-inventory items and this is important because you cannot set the actual GL account on the purchase order itself.


From the Purchasing menu select Configuration / Classifications


Note: Standard purchase classifications for fixed asset and stationery purchases are typically set-up for you as part of your Jiwa implementation.

In the Description field enter in a description for your non-inventory purchase type, this should give you an indication of the GL account that the purchase will be posted to, for example Motor Vehicle Purchase.


In the Ledger field select the GL account that the classification is to be linked to.


Save your changes


In order to add a non-inventory item to your purchase order and select the required purchase classification you need to modify your Order Grid 

On the Order tab of your purchase order move your mouse over the column headers and right mouse click to bring up the grid menu.

So that Jiwa will remember your grid selection ensure that Use Custom Columns is ticked.

Then select Manage Grid 


Select the columns PurchClass and PurchClassLookUp.

The PurchClassLookup gives you the lookup icon next to the Purchase Classification and does not a column caption.

Once you have completed the changes click on the APPLY icon.

Your purchase order grid will now show these columns.

To add a non inventory item to your purchase order right mouse click on the number column and select Insert Non-Inventory Item


In the Description field add a description of the item to be purchased

Enter in the Qty and Ex Price

The line will be assigned the default Purchase Classification


To change the default classification click on the Purchase Classification lookup icon to bring up the Purchase Classification search screen


Select the classification to be applied to the line


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