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Jiwa Inventory - Stock Take

In this article we will be looking at completing a stock take in Jiwa.

Before commencing any stock take we need to prepare for the stock take by ensuring that;

  1. All stock received at the warehouse has been receipted into Jiwa either via a Goods Received Note (GRN) or Shipment Book-in
  2. Process your unprocessed sales orders that are outstanding as any stock committed to a sales order but unprocessed are excluded from your stock-take this is discussed in more detail below
  3. All transaction processing and physical stock movement in the warehouse stops until the physical stock take has been completed


Step 1 - Print a list of Items on Unprocessed Sales Orders 

When a stock take is created in Jiwa the the stock on hand displayed is the quantity on hand at the time the stock take is created and EXCLUDES stock allocated to unprocessed sales orders.

For this reason it is recommended that as many sales orders as possible are processed and dispatched before the stock take is started.

Before starting your stock take run the BackOrders and Outstanding Orders report this will give you a listing of stock allocated to unprocessed sales orders that needs to be taken into account when entering your count into the system.

Select Sales > Reports > BackOrders and Outstanding Orders

Set your report ranges as follows;

Select Grouping Inventory
Select Product Status All Unprocessed
Select Sort Order Number
Select Report Style Summarised



Print the report and set aside as this report will be required when keying in your stock take count into Jiwa, your count quantity must be manually adjusted by the Order Qty shown on this report.



Step 2 - Create New Stock Take 

Select Inventory > Stock Take

From the menu ribbon select New

Confirm the warehouse and your set ranges.

Stock Take No. This will be automatically set when you save your stock take for the first time
Warehouse Confirm the warehouse the stock take is for.
Date Stock date date, this is also the date that will be used on any stock transfers that are created once the stock take is activated
Mode This field is only activated if bin tracking has been turned on
Max Rows

This field controls the number of rows that are displayed in the stock take if you are completing a full stock take then it is recommended that this is set to 999,999 to ensure all items are picked up in the stock take.

Get Zero SOH

This check box controls where items with stock on hand of zero are displayed in the stock take or not.


Define your stock take ranges, this controls what items are to be included in your stock take and can be used to complete partial stock takes based on the criteria displayed.

The default ranges are set for a full stock take

Once you have confirmed your stock take setting click on the Go icon next to your ranges

Once Go has been clicked you will notice that the stock take grid is populated.

 Save your stock take


Step 3 - Print the Count Sheets

Select Inventory > Reports > Stock Take


Set your reporting ranges

Print your count sheets



Step 4 - Count Your Stock

Complete your physical stock take.  Once the stock take has been completed the count sheets should be verified before the are processed.


Step 5 - Adjust Your Count Sheets

Once the count sheets have been verified the quantities counted should be adjusted.

The quantities reported in the BackOrders and Outstanding Orders report printed at step 1 should be deducted from the counted quantities reported on the stock take count sheets.


Step 6 - Enter in the Count

Enter in your adjusted counted quantities into Quantity Found field on the stock take form 

You will notice that the Quantity Found field is sometimes greyed out but the quantity in blue, this means that the item is either serial or batch tracked.

To update a serial or batch tracked item click on the Quantity Found field, this will activate the Line Details form where quantities can be changed.

To INCREASE the quantity found add a new line with a positive amount in the Quantity on Shelf field for serial tracked items.

For batch tracked items update the Quantity on Shelf against the relevant batch or create a new line if the batch is not listed.

Select Save once you have completed your changes


To DECREASE the quantity found update the Quantity on Shelf field against the respective serial / batch number

Select Save once you have completed your changes

Continue entering in your count quantities until completed.

Save your stock take. 

Review your variances to ensure their accuracy, at the bottom of the stock take form the Total Dollar Variance is displayed.

Continue to correct your count quantity until you are happy with the variance.


Step 7 - Print the Stock Take Variance Report

Depending on your business process the stock take variance report can be run before or after the actual stock take has been activated.

From the Printer icon on the menu ribbon select Stocktake - All Stock



Step 8 - Activate your Stock Take

Once your stock take variance report has been accepted the stock take can be activated to update the stock ledger.


If there have been stock movements in Jiwa between the stock take being created and activated the following message will be displayed.

Stock reductions have occurred since this stock take was created.

Quantity on Hand and Quantity Found have been adjusted to current stock levels

Note: This does not include the processing of sales orders reported in step 1 above.


This video is best seen on the full screen. Just click on the icon at the bottom right of the video (see image below).

To exit full screen just press escape 



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    Mark Buhagiar

    A Note Regarding Processing Sales Orders in the Middle of a Stock Take


    Although using the procedure above will keep you out of trouble, Jiwa does cater for managing a stock take while still creating sales orders, transferring stock etc.

    Lets just say you have created a stock take and then counted and entered in a count against a stock item different to the system quantity. You still have not activated the stock take but in the meantime someone creates a sales order and sells that specific stock item.

    When you try and activate the stock take, Jiwa will warn you that there have been stock movements. It will then re-read in the details and maintain the net difference you had originally recorded taking into account the changes due to the new sales order. 


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