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Webroot Web Filtering - Setting Up on Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop

To enable the use of IE on the Server you need to do the following:

  • Close Internet Explorer
  • From your Task bar Right click on the Icon below (DWP:4.1…..)
  • This is the Webroot Desk top Web Proxy



  • Select “Apply Proxy Settings”
  • Choose your browser





  • Open Your Browser

You may also need to do the following:

Believe it or not the “Internet Explorer” on the start (tiles) menu is different to Internet Explorer on the desktop so you may want to put IE 10 on the desk top. Do the following:

  • Open up the Start (tiled) are and right click on Internet Explorer
  • From the menu that opens up at the bottom click on the “Pin to taskbar” icon





  • A more familiar Internet Explorer will now appear on your taskbar.



How the System Works


Once the Desktop Proxy is installed it routes all your web requests via a cloud based proxy server. Each request is then matched against a database of sites and your request is accepted or denied. 


Take this search in Bing for "gambling". You will notice that some sites are "Allowed" whilst others are "Blocked". Note that Google does not currently display the site designations but the blocking still works.


If the site you want to go to is blocked you will receive the following message



Other sites can be "Coached". This basically means that the system will warn you that the site may not be appropriate for work, before you are allowed to proceed to that site.



This is the message that you will receive. You may bypass the message by clicking on the "Accept" button.

NOTE: All Internet Access is logged for Every User 



Here is a policy which may be different in your case of the site categories and their classification





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    Mark Buhagiar

    Technical Note - Turning Off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration 

    (Your Administrator Will have to do this)


    If you are having difficulty turning off the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration you need to do the following:


    • Open up Server Manager
    • Select the Local Server
    • Click on the link next to the IE Enhanced Security Configuration


    Ensure that Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is "Off" for users. You may like to leave it on for Administrators as they have more privilege to the system i.e. more damage can be done with their system access. Note with Webroot Endpoint protection and Webroot Web filtering in place you should be OK.




    In addition to the above you may also need to reset Internet Explorer

    • Open Control Panel
    • Select Internet Options
    • Select the "Advanced" Tab
    • Press the "Reset" button at the bottom



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