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Setting Up a IP / Network Printer in Windows XP

To install a Network or IP printer on your system you first need to know the IP address of that printer.

Once you have the IP address open up a command prompt and use the ping command to ensure that your computer can see the printer

  • ping printers_IP_Addresss e.g. ping

You should get four replies as in the image below

If you do not get any replies you need to find out why before you go any further. Note: the IP address of your printer must be in the same subnet as the PC you are working on. If it is not you need to contact IT Support


Open up Control Panel and select to manage your printers

Select to Add a printer


Press Next



Choose to add a Local printer attached to this computer

Untick the "Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer" check box



Select the option to "Create a new port"

Choose "Standard TCP/IP Port"



Press Next



Enter in the IP address we successfully pinged earlier and press Next



Select a device type of "Custom" and ensure that the protocol is set to raw and the IP address and port numbers are correct. Note the port number is usually set to 9100 but this could be different if advised by your IT support

Press OK and Next



Press Finish



The "Add Printer Wizard" will now automatically start up

This is where we tell the system what printer driver to use.

Select your printer from the choices available or if you have a separate driver select the "Have Disk" button and point it to the driver files




If the driver you have been given is not in the standard format and is only available through an install executable just press cancel and manually run that executable.

When you are running the printer install executable, just choose any printer port - We will manually change this in the next step

Once the install is finished then right click on the printer and select "properties" or "printer properties"

Go to the "Ports" tab

Select the IP port we set up earlier

Press OK



Now print a test page to ensure that your printer is set up correctly.

NOTE: if the printer you set up is a label printer don't worry about the test page, just open up notepad and print a few lines of text from there as your test.

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