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Attache - Moving to another Server

NOTE: the ATWCHECK.exe file below the the client's individual license key. This dictates the client's VIP number, number of licenses and the license expiry date.


(1) "Files to copy when installing Attache to a new server"


When installing Attache to a new Server, a number of files need to be copied to the new program directory.


User Query


From the old program directory copy the following files to the new Attache Program Directory
2. Any files starting with DATAxxxxx.dat & DATAxxxxx.idx (Company Data Path locations)
3. Any files starting with USERxxxxx.dat & Userxxxxx.idx (User files)
4. Any files with a DB extension or a database file (ODBC database files)
5. CUSTECON.exe file (Customer Contacts)
6. SUPPECON.exe file (Supplier Contacts)

Note: This does not take into account any sales Matrix, PowerLink, SalesLink files or other 3rd party application files.

(2) "Attaché Antivirus Exclusions / Alex Slow / Attaché Slow"


Attaché Antivirus Exclusions. 
Alex is running slow. Document counter showing documents take a long time to send.  
Attaché folder have some files missing

Error [Filename] cannot be reopened when running report

Archive reporting someone still logged in. (*.bpl file not deleting)


Anti-Virus Software


By nature, accounting software (such as Attaché and other Attaché products) are read/write intensive. For example, when you create a customer invoice in Attaché the software reads, or opens, up to 6 files and can then write back to up to 10 files for the one invoice. Even the slightest delay in updating a file can lead to a partial update of your information, data corruption and error messages appearing in the software.

For this reason, when you run Attaché accounting software over a network that has anti-virus software installed, we recommend that you exclude the Attaché program and data directories from being scanned by the real-time monitor. These exceptions need to be done on the SERVER as well as the WORKSTATIONS.

In particular, the following files should be excluded:


But excluding the entire Attache share and local folder is an appropriate action. Please ensure that only Attache files, not other shared information for the network is in this location as you may weaken the effectiveness of your antivirus. Please also make sure that workstations are not scanning mapped network drives which are required to run Attaché.

Note: Exclusions should be both UNC and mapped drive from both the server and workstation. 

E.g. C:\Apps\Attache on the server and \\[server name]\Attache from the workstations

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