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NetAssure - Connecting the Mako 6500 Router

NetAssure - Mako Router

Client Side Installation and Troubleshooting


A correctly working Mako Router would display the following light configuration.

  • The Power light would be green
  • The DSL light would be orange

The LAN1 or LAN2 light will also be on. Normally the LAN1 light should be on whilst the LAN2 light should be off. If it is the other way around then I would suggest to you that you had plugged your lan cable into the wrong socket (see images below).


  • The WAN light would be Green
  • The Ready light would be Green


The cables are connected at the back of the router

You can also find the Model and Serial numbers here

The power cable is plugged on the left of the device

The DSL enabled telephone line is plugged into the DSL socket on the right of the device


There are two places you potentially could plug in the LAN cable. There are two sockets (LAN1 and LAN2).

Please ensure that you plug in your LAN cable into the socket marked "LAN1". It has a Red dot below it.


Your LAN cable would normally be plugged into a switch which may be located elsewhere in your office. In this case tracing the cable from the LAN1 socket at the back of the Mako router found that it was plugged into a wall socket marked number 19.


At our cable rack we locate port number 19 - This should correspond to the 19 on the wall socket


Tracking the cable plugged into port 19 on the patch panel we find that it has been plugged into port 8 on the Netgear Switch


We can see from the associated light on port 8 that something (in this case the Mako Router) is plugged in and is on. If the Mako router was switched off this light would also go off.


There are rare occasions when you may be asked to reset the switch. If your switch is in a rack as in this example, then the easiest way to do this is by switching it off and back on again at the power point.


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