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How to use the SkyNox options menu (Windows)

  • Synopsis

    How to use the SkyNox options menu (Windows).
  • Applicable to

    All SkyNox Windows workstation accounts
  • Prerequisite

    • You must have a SkyNox account.
    • You must have a client application installed on a Windows system.
  • How to

    1. Open SkyNox.


    2. Click on the Options icon.



    3. Enter your password in the Password field and then click on OK.



    4. Settings tab:



    UI Theme: Select the look of the graphical user interface from the dropdown menu.


    Suspend: If the Suspend feature is turned on, backups will pause upon detection of keyboard or mouse activity.


    Number of versions to save: 1, 3, 5, 7, 14 or 28


    Minimum delay between versions: none, 2, 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours


    Language preference: Set the language of the user interface.


    Log Level: Default level is normal but if you experience some issues, you can set it to high.


    Bandwidth/CPU Allocation: Massive backups while on small networks impact other computers on the network. Limiting the network bandwidth usage will limit the slowdowns experienced by other users of the network.


    Update system Clock: It is very important that the backup time and system times match. Therefore, SkyNox will make sure your computer’s time is accurate. If this causes trouble, you can turn it off.


    Enable Browser Access: Yes means you can access your data via a web browser. No means you can only access it via the restore client.


    Password Protect Settings: Yes means your password will be required to perform any action in the client.


    5. Folders tab:



    This window displays all the content you have selected to backup. SkyNox keeps a flag of all the files it has archived and those that still need to be archived. The Reset archive flag on selected folders button resets any flags that might have been incorrectly assigned.


    6. Advanced tab:



    Proxy Server: If you are required to go through a proxy server, check the Use a proxy server box and enter your proxy settings in the appropriate fields. Ask your network administrator for your proxy settings.


    Specify a location for temporary files: the backup/restore process requires some space of your hard drive. Specify where SkyNox should store these temporary files.


    7. Block Out tab:



    Check the boxes where you do not wish SkyNox to perform backups.


    8. Exclude tab:



    File types you do not wish to backup can be added here. Click on the Add button, then enter the file type extension in the Extension field and click on Save.


    9. Open Files tab:



    Some files cannot be backed up while they are used (ex.: Outlook .pst files). Click on the Install Open File Driver button to enable backups of these files. When the install is successful, the button will change to Remove Open File Driver.



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