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Outlook Web Access (OWA) - Access Your Mail via an Internet Browser

Outlook Web Access

Log On to the email control panel to decide which 
WebMail system your email is hosted on. Full Instructions can be found below.

The green Webmail buttons are for Exchange 2010
The top left Outlook Web App is for Exchange 2013
The top right Outlook Web App is for Exchange 2016
Access your email via Outlook Web Access Access your email via Outlook Web Access
Access the Austlink Email Control Panel

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

In addition to access via mail clients like Outlook 2010 and Mac Mail, our hosted Microsoft Exchange email facility also has a web mail client.

This is great for those times when you are away from your office and need to check your email.

Note: Your web-mail address could be different. To check it you need to log into your control panel ( and log in using your email address (as the username) with your email password. 
Your WebMail address can be found under the "Information for users" section (see the image below).

  • Enter in your email address and your password to gain access

  • The following screen will open up

  • Notice a list of reminders will pop up on the top right hand corner of the screen if you have appointments due

  • From the menu at the bottom left of the main page you can choose to see your
    • Mail
    • Calendar
    • Contacts
    • Tasks
    • Public folders
  • Selecting Calendar will show your Calendar as it would appear in Outlook

  • Here is the Contacts Screen

  • Your Tasks

  • Public Folders that may be set up in your organisation

Setting Up Rules, Out of Office Replies and Changing Your Password

  • If you are going on holiday you can set up an Out of Office reply.
  • Just select Options from the top right corner of the main screen and choose "Set Automatic Replies"
    • To change your password just select "Change Your Password"
    • Note: you can also choose "See All Options" for a more comprehensive set of facilities

  • The following screen will open

  • Note you need to set up two message
    • One for people inside your organisation
    • One for people outside your organisation
  • Notice also that you can set a range of dates to cover the period you are away


Setting Up InBox Rules - e.g. Forwarding All Your Email To Someone Else


Inbox rules can be use for a wide variety of tasks from sorting your mail into folders to forwarding your mail to another person. Here is an example of how to forward all your mail to someone else in your organisation.


NOTE: if you want to divert to someone outside your organisation please see the following instructions: 


Start by going to Options and selecting the "Create an Inbox Rule"



Select "Create a new rule for arriving message"


Select the "Apply to all messages" and "Redirect the message to..." choices from the drop down boxes.



Select the person you want to redirect all your mail to. You will need to double click on that person's details to select them.



Press OK and then Save - All your email will now be forwarded to the person that you selected


Junk Email Settings

  • You also have the ability to White or Black list any email address.
  • Once again just go to the options area and select "See All Options"
  • Select "Block or Allow" from the menu on the left

Mail Box Space

  • To check the amount of space available on your account go to the main page
  • Hover over your name with the mouse
  • The following screen will pop up

More Help

  • If you need any further help go to the main screen and click on the main help icon (top right corner)

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