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How to Configure Archiving

Synopsis:This guide will show you how to configure Archiving with Exchange 2010.

Applicable to: All Austlink Plus 2010 hosted Exchange accounts.

- An Austlink Plus hosted Exchange 2010 account.

- a user with an Austlink Plus mailbox.


How to:

NOTE: The archiving service is provided by another company called Sherweb. It fully integrates to the Austlink Plus Exchange mail facility.

Step 1: Accessing the Austlink Plus control panel

Address: using your username and password.
Admin Username: defaultuser@your-domain-name or your email address
Admin Password: your-password


Step 2: Activating the archiving service.

Now that you have bought the archiving service, you need to activate it via the 2010 control panel. Do the following:

1. Log into the 2010 Control Panel.


2. Click on Activate under the Archiving header.


3. Choose an archiver password, choose your language and then click on Activate.


4. Click on Settings.


5. Choose either the Dynamic or Static type, and then click on Update. If you select Dynamic, all users with a mailbox will automatically be added to the archiver. If you select Static, you will have to manually add members to the archiver.


Step 3: Choosing between a dynamic list and a static list

1. In order for the archiver to know which users to archive, you must perform one of the following actions: a) set a dynamic distribution list or b) set a static list that you will manage yourself.

2. A dynamic list will add all of your users for you while a static list will give you the control over which users are to be archived.


Step 4: Billing

It is very important to understand how billing functions with an archiving account.

After ordering your Archiving service, Austlink Plus will bill you on a per user per month basis. For example, if you deploy Austlink Plus’s Archiving solution to five users, billing works like this: 5 user accounts x $4.20 monthly fee per user = $21 (exGST) of total monthly fees.

Upgrading or downgrading – If you ordered and activated your Archiving service you can log in to your Control Panel at any time to upgrade it and add as many users as you want. However, please note that you cannot downgrade the amount of users already archived. This would defeat the purpose of an archiving solution. Therefore, for example, if you originally signed up for 10 users and decide to downgrade your organization to 5 users, you will still be billed for 10 users total assuming that you still want the archiving solution.


Step 5: Searching your emails

Once the activation is complete, you can access the email archive.

Admin Username: admin@your-domain-name
Admin Password:The password selected during the activation.

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