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Configure with Android Phone

How to set up an account on Android (Exchange 2010)


Synopsis: This guide will show you how to add your Exchange 2010 account to your Droid mobile device.

Applicable to: All Austlink Plus 2010 hosted Exchange accounts.

- a Austlink Plus 2010 hosted Exchange account
- a Mobile Phone powered by the Android Operating system


How to:

1. Go to Menu.

2. Go to Accounts &sync settings.

3. Press Add account.

4. Enter your email in the Email field, your password in the Password field and DOMAIN in the Domain field and then press Next.

5. Enter your SAM account name in the Username field (your password should already be entered in the password field).

6. Enter in the Server field.

7. Check the box Requires SSL and then Press Next.

8. Press Automatic push.

9. Choose how far back you want to sync in the Amount to synchronize field.

10. Press Next.

11. In the Give this account a name field, you may give a screen name to your account (optional).

12. Enter the name you wish recipients of your emails to see in the Your name field (displayed on outgoing messages).

13. Press Done.

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