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Configure with iPhone version 2.1

How to configure an iPhone version 2.1 or later with ActiveSync (Exchange 2010)


Synopsis: This guide will show you how to configure your iPhone version 2.1 or later with Exchange 2010 ActiveSync.

Applicable to: All Austlink Plus 2010 hosted Exchange accounts.

- a Austlink Plus 2010 hosted Exchange account
- an iPhone version 2.1 or later


How to:

Note: If you have recently updated the firmware on your iPhone, turn off your device and then turn it back on. Failure to do so will not allow you to successfully connect to Exchange with the settings below.


1. In the main screen, select Settings.


2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar.


3. Press Add Account.


4. Select Microsoft Exchange.


5. Enter your hosted Exchange email address in the Email address field, leave the Domain field blank, enter your main email address in the Username field,our Austlink Plus Exchange account password in the Password field and then press Next.


6. In the Server box, enter and then press Next.


7. On the next screen, select Info to synchronize with your Exchange account and then press Done.


8. You will find yourself back to the Mail, Contacts and Calendar default screen. You may adjust your mail settings according to your preferences.

Note: Your iPhone will automatically synchronize the last three days of emails.

To synchronize older messagers:


9. Select Settings.


10. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar.


11. Press Microsoft Exchange.


12. Press Mail days to sync.


13. Select from No Limit to 1 Month.


Note: By selecting No Limit, you will synchronize all the messages found in your mailbox.

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